Our Patient Care Philosophy

At The Walker Wellness Clinic we emphasize more individual sessions than most inpatient or outpatient programs because we recognize and respect that most patients have never self-disclosed personal and confidential information regarding their eating disorder. Often patients report feelings of shame, embarrassment, or guilt in acknowledging that they have an eating disorder, and we know from our clinical experience that sometimes it is much easier to discuss this issue one on one.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of patient care that helps the patient overcome the formal eating disorder and lead and healthy and productive lifestyle. Our approach to addressing the eating disorder allows our treatment team to collaborate and to provide our primary therapists with crucial feedback that may otherwise be unobserved with traditional therapy.

Our Philosophy

We understand that psychotherapy alone is not optimal for effective eating disorder recovery. Therefore, we have integrated essential modalities into our treatment process. For example; expressive therapies promote self-expression, creativity, and self-awareness. Equine therapy develops communication and assertiveness. Nutrition therapy and body image therapy provide valuable education and personal insight. In addition, physiological assessments and psychological test batteries supply us with objective clinical data to measure progress throughout the course of treatment.

Clinically Custom Designed Treatment Programs & More Personalized and Individual Sessions

We offer more individual sessions for our patients than other inpatient and outpatient programs. This allows patient programs to be clinically tailored to address individual needs. We elicit feedback from the patient regarding their preferences and concerns about patient care and we encourage patients to “cast their vote” on selecting specific adjunct therapy such as equine therapy, art or music therapy, and cooking classes.