It all Begins In the Kitchen!

Most of our entertaining and socializing at parties takes place in the kitchen! Is it the wonderful aroma of smelling the delicious food cooking that attracts us to the hostess or host in the kitchen? Many individuals enjoy sipping fine wines and conversing with their friends in the kitchen. Perhaps this is a comfortable climate that allows one to relax and unwind.

Similarly, many partners report that the hugs they receive from the refrigerator such as midnight snacking may serve as comfort food and trigger emotional eating. However, many couples report that they avoid sexual interaction if they do not feel good about their bodies. The libido may be decreased for the male if there are depleted levels of testosterone and the female may experience a decline in sexual desires if there are decreased levels of progesterone. Both genders may have a decrease in their hormonal balances if there is chronic stress in their lives. Furthermore, a symptom of stress is typically an increase or decrease in one’s appetite. Therefore, this process may lead to sexual dysfunction in the relationship.

Healthy Steps For Improving Body Image, Intimacy, and Sexual Functioning

The first step to improving your perception of your body image is to improve your self-esteem. When one builds positive self-esteem, they are more likely to be more accepting of their bodies. Secondly, it is important to recognize that weight management issues are not all about one’s behavior. For example, some individuals are genetically predisposed to be at a higher weight than what may be suggested by the governmental and medical charts. It is essential to practice healthy habits such as exercise and eating healthfully, but genetic factors play a significant role in one’s body weight and type. Thirdly, each partner needs to be accountable for their own health habits and to attempt to achieve a healthy body image. Power and control issues may often create conflict, passive-aggressiveness, and is typically not beneficial in terms of weight management.

Furthermore, it is important to be cognizant of the fact that our bodies and metabolic rates gradually change through the aging process. Perhaps being supportive to one another about this aforementioned issue may build more intimacy in the relationship.

Step One:  Forget about the perfect body image for yourself and your partner.
Step Two:  Omit power and control issue that lead to a battleground of conflict.
Step Three:  Healthy and balanced nutrition is the spice of life.
Step Four:  Initiate healthy habits for healthy beginnings such as an exercise program.