Be Your Own Stylist: Dress To Flatter Your Figure and Build Better Body Image

by Susan Parish-Walker, M.S., L.P.C. and Whitney Caston, R.D./L.D.

Do you consider your look to be trendy, classic, bohemian, funky, or chic? There are countless ways to classify your personal style and it may change from one day to the next. It is both a blessing and a curse that the fashion industry offers such a wide array of options for the basic blazer. Where do you start? Just the thought of venturing out to purchase a pair of white pants that actually fit your body type and enhance your figure is simply overwhelming to many women. This new program will allow you to shop with confidence and learn to recognize and choose the shapes and cuts that will flatter your figure. It is no secret that when a woman loves her outfit she loves herself. The secrets of being your own stylist will be featured in this program and you will learn to dress to flatter your figure and build better body image.  Learn to take the mystery out of fashion with simple strategies for building your best wardrobe.  Shopping strategies will be taught on how to avoid being reliant on your personal shopper, salesperson, or loved ones for validation that you look acceptable.  You will never again stand in your closet and declare that you have nothing to wear or try on ten different outfits before finding the perfect one.  It begins with the basics such as choosing styles that work for your specific body type and developing a wardrobe that coordinates and compliments your body type and fits properly. The next step is enhancing creativity by allowing your clothes and accessories to express your own individuality.  In this program you will learn to analyze specific aspects of your wardrobe, from lingerie to accessories, to suits to dresses, to pants to blazers, and you will actually receive specific fitting charts along with custom tailored recommendations on how to flatter your body type.  No more fashion faux pas and focusing on figure flaws because you will be knowledgeable on how to disguise or camouflage them (i.e., short or long waistline, small or full bust, lengthen your leg line, etc.).  You will also learn specific strategies for shopping online, for vintage shopping, how to tailor your wardrobe, how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, and recommendations on which undergarments to wear with specific clothing.

In summary, you will no longer need to search for your own stylist because you will become your own stylist and be confident with your own choices, and you will improve your body image and flatter your figure every time you dress.  You will actually look forward to shopping for swimsuits and jeans without trying on numerous pairs of each.  Many girls and women choose to compliment this program with the following: Body Image and Self-Esteem; Chanel Make-Up Artistry and Frederique Fekkai Hairstyling: and Nutrition and Exercise courses.  Hence, this gives one even more self-confidence and self-efficacy in their overall appearance and body image.  In summary, you will become your own stylist with enormous self-esteem and self-confidence.