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The Walker Wellness Clinic is pleased to announce the introduction of Self-Improvement Programs to enhance our clinical services. The new programs include the following:

– Be Your Own Stylists: Dress To Flatter your Figure

– Full Service Spa Treatments and Health Club

The new self-Improvement program can be custom designed to meet one’s clinical needs and preferences and you do not have to have a formal eating disorder to enroll in this program. However, you may want to compliment your course of treatment with some of the self-Improvement program.

Be Your Own Stylists: Dress To Flatter your Figure and Build Better Body Image

The secrets of being your own stylist will be featured in this program and you will learn to dress to flatter your figure and build better body image. Learn to take the mystery out of fashion with simple strategies for building your best wardrobe. Shopping strategies will be taught on how to avoid being reliant on your personal shopper, salesperson, or loved ones for validation that you look acceptable. You will never again stand in your closet and declare that you have nothing to wear or try on ten different outfits before finding the perfect one. It begins with the basics such as choosing styles that work for your specific body type and developing a wardrobe that coordinates and compliments your body type and fits properly.

The next step is enhancing creativity by allowing your clothes and accessories to express your own individuality. In this program you will learn to analyze specific aspects of your wardrobe, from lingerie to accessories, to suits to dresses, to pants to blazers, and you will actually receive fitting charts along with custom tailored recommendations on how to flatter your body type. No more fashion faux paux and focusing on figure flaws because you will be knowledgeable on how to disguise or camouflage them (i.e., short or long waistline, small or full bust, lengthen your leg line, etc.). In addition, helpful advice will be offered for shopping online, vintage shopping, how to tailor your wardrobe, how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, and recommendations on which undergarments to wear with various clothing articles.

In summary, you will no longer need to search for your own stylist because you will become your own stylist. You will actually look forward to shopping for swimsuits and jeans without trying on a myriad of styles of both. Many girls and women choose to compliment this program with the following: Body image; Self-esteem; Chanel Make-Up Artistry; Frederique Fekkai Hairstyling; and Nutrition and Exercise courses. Hence, this gives one even more self-efficacy in their overall appearance and body image. In summary, you will become your own stylist with enormous self-esteem and self-confidence.

Life Skills: Business and Social Etiquette

Life skills are basic human skills that are often needed to tackle everyday problems and issues. Life skills enhances one’s self-development so that individuals have the potential to become the very best that they can be. They build self-efficacy and autonomy in the process. The demands of young adulthood can be overwhelming and if one is not equipped with the appropriate life skills to face the demands; it can even become quite stressful. Some studies show that the most stressful time in one’s life is the developmental stage from adolescence to young adulthood. Changes and transitions in one’s life such as moving away from home, going off to college, learning to manage money, meeting new people, and starting a new career can be very challenging.

Therefore, The Walker Wellness Clinic offers life skills as a psycho educational program that will strengthen problem-solving skills, critical thinking, self awareness, and interpersonal skills. More specifically, the is clinically tailored to meet individual needs and will allow individuals to focus on improving the life skills that they think are the weakest (i.e., learn to do financial planning or improve social or business etiquette). Self management and self understanding are the key features of the life skill development.

Body Image and Self-Esteem

When you look in the mirror of your dressing room, what is reflected back at you? If you are like many girls and women, you don’t see an accurate depiction of your mirrored image. In other words, your mind’s eye may become critical of your body image and you may become self-deprecating. Many girls and women have severe body dissatisfaction and what they actually see in the mirror is past and present experiences, of forgotten praises and remembered insults about their body. Perhaps they describe themselves as too hippy, too fat, flat or full busted, or too short or tall. Distorted body image is similar to being colorblind in that the individual does not actually see an accurate assessment of their body size.

“Of all the ways people think of themselves, none is so primal as the image of their own bodies,” says April Fallon, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. “The way we view our bodies is a reflection of our self-esteem.” Thus, body image and self-esteem are closely correlated and go hand in hand for women. According to Dr. Fallon, who has done extensive research on body image, she reports that girls and women are generally less satisfied with their bodies, in particular with their weight, than boys and men. Her studies have shown that many of the women report that they are heavier than they actually are and overestimate the size of their body. What’s even more interesting is that women’s perception of what men consider to be the ideal female figure is significantly thinner than the figure that males actually desire.

According to Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D. and the author of Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, self-esteem has two components. One is a sense of basic confidence in the face of life’s challenges: self-efficacy. The other is a sense of being worthy of happiness: self-respect. Self-efficacy simply means that one has the confidence in their abilities to think through issues, make healthy decisions, and to become more self-reliant. Self-respect means that one has confidence in asserting themselves and assurance that one is a valuable person.

Therefore, The Walker Wellness Clinic offers a comprehensive psycho educational support group on how to improve one’s body image and foster positive self-esteem. The objective is to improve self-esteem since the higher one’s self-esteem; the more likely one is to embrace their body image. Clearly, there is a positive correlation between self-esteem and body image and our hope is that the individual learns to validate their own self-esteem and body image and not look to others for approval. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

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