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Men and boys do suffer from eating disorders and a recent study done at Harvard University Medical School suggests that up to 25 percent of adults with eating disorders are males. The new study was based on the National Cormorbidity Survey Replication, a mental health survey nearly 9,000 adults across the United States. It is essential that as a society we began to recognize that the treatment approach and issues are somewhat different than for females. Therefore, we offer all of our programs for the treatment of the following for males: eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, or obsessive disorders.

Gender Differences:

For example, most treatment programs have been designed for females exclusively or the genders are in mixed group therapy. Although there are some similarities between the genders, (i.;e., medical complication may arise or chronic dieting is a precursor to developing an eating disorders), The Walker Wellness Clinic acknowledges that the treatment protocol for males needs to be focused on the underlying reasons why males often develop a formal eating disorder.

The following reasons illustrate why males may be predisposed to an eating disorders: (1). They participate in sports that demand thinness such as runners, jockeys, wrestlers, and body builders; (2). They may have a career that requires thinness such as models, actors, and entertainers seem to be at higher risk than the general population; and (3). They often began an eating disorder at an older age than females and may have a history of struggling with their weight or being obese.

Why Our Program is Designed Exclusively For Males:

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The majority of treatment programs do merge the genders and many males report that this is not comfortable due to the issues that arise in the course of treatment that differ such as women’s socio-cultural or female-oriented advertising may differ for males. It is our goal to make sure all of our patients have a sense of comfort and the research supports that males who pursue treatment offered by a clinician have positive prognosis for treatment outcomes.

Clinically Custom Designed Programs:

Therefore, we offer an individualized program for our male patients and they may choose from the following options: Standard Outpatient Program (SOP); Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Day Program. It is our goal to allow the patient to continue their quality of life such as academic pursuits or career development. Please contact The Walker Wellness Clinic for a schedule of the aforementioned programs.

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