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Adjunct Therapy for Eating Disorders


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Adjunct Activities
Cooking Classes
Tennis Lessons
Weight Training Lessons
Rock Climbing
Ropes Course
Ballroom Dancing
Music Therapy
Art Therapy
Sand Tray Therapy
Boutique Therapy
Spa Treatment
Movement Therapy
Make-Up Artistry

We understand the emotional intensity and investment of time required on the patient’s behalf to be enrolled in one of our standard outpatient, intensive outpatient, and day programs. Whether the patient is experiencing an eating disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, or obsessive disorder, adjunct therapy can serve as a useful tool.Therefore, we custom designed the programs to enhance the learning process and to incorporate a fun and exciting experience with our adjunct therapies. Furthermore, we have integrated essential modalities into our treatment process to enhance the patient’s knowledge and understanding of the underlying reasons for the eating disorder.

In general, adjunct therapy may be a innovative tool for the patient to become more introspective about personal issues that relate to the eating disorder. For example, expressive therapies such as art and music therapy promote self-expression, creativity, and self-awareness.


Moreover, adjunct therapy develops communication and assertiveness that can be an effective coping mechanism for the patient. Body image therapy provides a valuable education and personal insight about distorted body image and how it correlates with the patient’s level of self-esteem.

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Clinical assessments are used to measure the patient’s body image and to objectively measure their progress in improving their body image throughout the course of treatment. In conclusion, this allows our treatment team to collaborate and to provide our primary therapists with crucial feedback that may otherwise be unobserved with traditional therapy.

Sand-tray Therapy

Sand-tray therapy is a creative arts approach to working with eating disorders. Within the sand-tray environment, the therapeutic healing process occurs naturally,enabling the patient to freely express or re-live experiences and emotions without judgment, interruption, or criticism. Patients arrange and symbolically transform objects in ways that foster and promote therapeutically positive changes in their lives. Individuals with eating disorders commonly feel they have little or no control over their lives and thus take control over something they can-food, weight, exercise, or body shape. Sand-tray therapy allows patients to have total control of the action of therapy and to experience a sense of their own power. Sand-tray provides patients the opportunity for self-exploration and self-expression, increasing their self-awareness and acceptance. Through this self-awareness and acceptance, patients are able to integrate, and filter through, the opposing messages they receive from their environment and reconcile their own true experiences.

Sand-tray therapy is usually done adjunctively to talk therapy, which carries the interpretive aspects of the psycho-therapeutic work. The heart of sand-tray therapy lies in allowing the inner self to guide one’s choices, and then it allows one to listen to the message one is giving oneself about creating,overcoming, and completing a phase of growth and healing. Through the process of sand-tray therapy, patients experience healing through a growing sense of self-control, empowerment, and safety. Within this calming and safe environment,patients become more creative, confident, and expressive. Sand-tray therapy allows patients to express overwhelming experiences and feelings symbolically in a caring relationship, promoting healing.

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