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Eating Disorder Clinic vs. Hospital Ward

Making Healthy Choices: Where to Treat?

Many people think of eating disorder treatment as being similar to rehab for drugs or alcohol. But unfortunately, in either case, there is no quick fix. Similar to a “detox” process, people with eating disorders who admitted to a hospital have their immediate physical needs addressed. It can help people in severe physical distress who have lost a dangerous amount of weight, but admission to a hospital is often only useful in stabilizing their physical health.

In a hospital ward, doctors and nurses work to stop and reverse the damage to the patient’s body cause by their eating disorder. They take steps to address acute issues, and their goal is to return the body to a functional state. This often includes tube feeding to re-introduce calories into a deprived body and restore the body’s healing abilities.

This is a limited and short-term fix. A person with an eating disorder can chose to return their body to that distressed and dangerous state shortly after being discharged, unless they have additional help.

That’s where residential treatment centers and eating disorder clinics come in. They can provide the additional help that may consist of:

•    Psychological counselingEating Disorder Clinic With Comfortable Rooms
•    Insight into disease
•    Therapy sessions
•    A place away from destructive routines
•    Connections with others dealing with the same issues
•    Nutrition counseling
•    Holistic care
•    Exploration of emotions
•    Establishment of spiritual practices
•    Rebuilding or exploration of family relationships

A clinic that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders provides more resources and most likely, longer lasting results. For a true change, a clinic helps identify the causes of the eating disorder and then, provides the tools to help change patterns before a person returns to their day-to-day life. An experienced clinic or treatment center will focus on the whole patient, so that they can rebuild themselves and return to life healthier and more prepared to overcome their challenges.

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