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Montana Eating Disorder Treatment Center

Montana eating disorder treatment center optionsSelecting a Montana eating disorder treatment center doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can take advantage of the exceptional treatment available through Walker Wellness Center from anywhere in the country. We have multiple options for treatment schedules, and our capable staff makes sure that you have the tools to succeed.

While you make your decision whether to attend a Montana eating disorder clinic or to venture to Texas to participate in the programs offered at Walker Wellness, make sure to take advantage of our Learning Center where we provide valuable information about eating disorders. Resources include managing an eating disorder at college, recognizing eating disorder warning signs, whether you should be in a hospital or a treatment center and much more. Please browse our website and then call us so we can speak with  you on an individual basis. Our treatment plans are individualized according to your needs.

Our experience over more than two decades of treating eating disorders means that your time away from home will be well spent.

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