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Eating Disorder Treatment in Houston Texas

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and Houston certainly proves that true – it’s the fourth biggest city in the United States and everything in Houston is done on a grand scale. It’s the energy capital of the world, and home to the largest medical center in the world, Texas Medical Center.

Houston has more than 85 hospitals, a large international airport and ample facilities for all kinds of business and industry. It has a relatively young population, and a large Hispanic population. It is a hub of technology, energy and aeronautics, and is home to many corporate headquarters – only New York City has more Fortune 500 companies. However, Houston is very limited when it comes to providing quality care for persons suffering with an eating disorder. Consequently, many families have to make a decision the to go out-of-state for treatment for their loved ones. There is an alternative; Walker Wellness has been providing exceptional eating disorder treatment for twenty years in Texas, and over five years in Houston. Please consider local quality outpatient care before resulting in more expensive treatment outside texas’ boarders.

Once an initial evaluation and assessment is completed, our eating disorder treatment team will help the patient determine the most appropriate level of care. We have incorporated our clinical services into a number of outpatient programs designed to meet all psychological, nutritional, and physiological needs. Thus, we provide the necessary tools to a healthy road to recovery. Regardless of the severity of the eating disorder, once enrolled, our goal is to guide our patients through the necessary steps to help them reach the highest level of psychological functioning.

Walker Wellness Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Houston Provides Three Treatment Programs:


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Intensive Outpatient Program

As the name suggests, The Intensive Outpatient Program(IOP) is more concentrated than the standard Outpatient Program. It can be a transition program for inpatient or partial hospitalization and may be convenient for patients who require intensive treatment. Individuals who are medically stable who have been unresponsive to outpatient care may be successfully treated in our specialized intensive outpatient program without resorting to more costly hospitalization. The IOP consists of 6 to 10 treatment hours per week and is ideally suited for patients who need to recover from their formal eating disorder and continue to maintain their current lifestyle such as their academic and/or occupational functioning. Therefore, our program is designed for patients who require an intensive multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of their eating disorder.

Standard Outpatient Treatment

The Standard Outpatient Program is one of the least intensive levels of outpatient care offered at The Walker Wellness Clinic. We have designed The Standard Outpatient Treatment Program (SOP) to meet the needs of individuals who do not require the intensity of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or Day Program, but still demand the highest quality care. The Standard Outpatient program is provided for patients with the following diagnoses: Eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorder, or obsessive disorder, The Standard outpatient program provides much of the structure of our IOP programs including full treatment team management, individual, family and group therapy, nutrition consultations, psychological, and physiological assessments. However, our standard outpatient program requires only 3-6 meetings per week. Therefore, the Standard Outpatient Program may be more intensive than other outpatient programs, and is an affordable alternative to the more intensive clinical services that we offer.

Basic Outpatient Treatment

Healthy Relationship Help Eating Disorders

The Basic Outpatient Program (BOP) is the least intensive level of outpatient care offered at The Walker Wellness Clinic. We have designed the Basic Outpatient Program (BOP) to meet the needs of individuals who do not require the intensity of one of our other clinical programs such as the following: Standard Outpatient Program (SOP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), or Day Program. This particular program (BOP) is more economically feasible for patients who are seeking outpatient clinical services and desire a program that offers quality patient care at an affordable fee structure.The Basic Outpatient Program (BOP) provides many of the clinical components of our Standard Outpatient Program (SOP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Day Program. For example, all of the programs at The Walker Wellness Clinic include full treatment team management, individual, family, and group therapy as well as the resting metabolic rate test and nutrition consultations.

However, the psychological test battery is an additional and optional fee for this program. The test battery is initially administered at the onset of treatment and some of the tests (i.e., Beck Depression Inventory, Beck Anxiety Inventory, and Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory, etc.) are readministered three different times to clinically measure the patient’s progress. In addition, other adjunct services such as music therapy, art therapy, cooking classes, body image classes, and meal therapy are not offered in the Basic Outpatient Program. Therefore, the Basic Outpatient Program requires two meetings per week and is only offered for patients who do not have a severe formal eating disorder.

The Walker Wellness Clinic’s philosophy is to provide an environment that allows patients to maintain their current lifestyle such as continuing their academic and/or occupational functioning while enrolled in treatment. We recognize that patients’ quality of life and active personal pursuits are meaningful to them, and that they typically do not wish to disrupt their lifestyle (i.e., fundraising, attending school, or career development). Our clinical objective is to educate the patient on continuing to live in the “real world” and learning how to cope with the “day to day” stressors of overcoming a formal eating disorder.

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